• 【leaving it up the president to determine what it called appropriate disciplinary action.】OB欧宝体育足球体育
  • 【which relies almost solely on imports.】OB欧宝体育足球体育
  • 【Trump and many of his fellow Republicans have made unfounded claims that the expansion of mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic led to Biden fraudulently winning in election battleground states.】OB欧宝体育足球体育
  • 【challenging a rule allowing state election officials to count mail-in ballots postmarked by Election Day even if they were delivered up to three days later.】OB欧宝体育足球体育
  • 【No one has shown any evidence of fraud in Michigan.】OB欧宝体育足球体育

A 43-year-old graduate of Yale.

領域︰which Trump touted as a major accomplishment during a Texas visit just days before leaving office.

介紹︰said the decision to include influencers alongside almost 1.

though rare in presidential contests.

領域︰Those individuals are typically party loyalists who have pledged to support the candidate who got the most votes in their state.

介紹︰By Reuters Staff2 Min ReadFILE PHOTO: People attend a mass in tribute to fire victims at Flamengos training centre.



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